7 Ways We’re Different From Any Other Weight Loss Retreat

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7 Ways We’re Different From Any Other Weight Loss Retreat

Each customer makes our program unique….

For over 10 years, we’ve been providing bespoke, personal body transformations for women of beginner fitness level. Our luxury program is structured and results focused, with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 week programs.

ABOUT US: Whistler Fitness Vacations is an outdoor program for those who want to start a more meaningful lifestyle that is better aligned with their healthy values. The experience is designed and led by three-time Canadian Trainer of the year, life coach and renowned body transformation expert, Cat Smiley.

As the owner and fitness director for all programs, it’s a pleasure to be invited into the exciting challenge that lies ahead for every new guest.

Our guests are more than just customers to me, they become friends and I couldn’t imagine doing my job any other way. I’ve always believed that you coach the person before the athlete, and athletes have to have safe places. I care about earning the trust of each person.

With this as a high importance, we usually don’t talk together about weight loss outside of your consultations. You have to know that I care about you first as a person.

1/ Lifetime Access – Retake Any Time, For Free!

Everything that we do here at Whistler Fitness Vacations with you is written down and given to you in our comprehensive Jump School program. This is a 2-book series with the full nutrition plan, recipes and learning resources, life coaching questions and personal development worksheets from your classes in Whistler.

Plus sample schedules for 28 days similar to what you will have done on your fitness vacation. Jump School is currently exclusively available to in-house guests. So, for as long as you have the books, you can retake the program year after year, at your pace from home.

You learn to become an expert on healthy eating, exercise science, practical ways to transform your thoughts and really become a leader. Everything that we did here is written down… and we take it home with us.

2/ Bespoke, Personal Service That’s Owner Operated

If you dig deeper into our competitors, you may find that many are investor owned.

This business model is common for weight loss retreats that lodge guests in a property that they own. WFV is different in the fact that it partners with the gorgeous Westin Resort and Spa, Whistler. Our owner (me) is out coaching guests instead of coordinating with the plumber for room #306 because the front desk agent didn’t show up for work. Why is this a thing?

Well let’s just say, the owner of the company is almost always more dedicated to ensuring that every customer gets an above-and-beyond experience, as compared to an employee.

I’m also hands-on in the day motivating my team of fitness guides and support staff. We have up to 30 employees, but because I’m not distracted with – for example – property issues I’m able to give our guests my undivided attention.

Say hello to ah-may-zing results and awesome days getting into the best shape of your life!

Cat Smiley takes care of every step of the way, from the initial phone call right through to the final high five… not because she has to, but because you really feel like she wants to. There is no rock unturned, and there is total security your program is going to be every bit as awesome as mine was. It’s not outsourced to a team of fitness trainers with her being some face on the website….– Jordie Thorneycroft, Manitoba.

3/ Happy Customers From Around The World

With over 400 retreat weeks successfully facilitated since 2008, there’s a reason why we’re the gold standard in this industry.

Our strategies have taken ten years to perfect, and work with a wide range of beginner starting points, physical restrictions, levels of motivations, different personalities and of course, comfort levels. We meet you at your level.

4/ Extraordinary Customer Care 24/7

I’ve handpicked our Customer Happiness team personally, taking them through extensive training of our weight loss retreat program so that you can have unparalleled support in every time zone. Our administrative team at WFV works remotely.

Every year, I expand my team from developing countries, where unemployment is high and opportunities for women are minimal.

In 2019 most of our administrative team (design, marketing, advertising, editorial, social media) is from Gaza in Palestine. Sales and registration has always been one of my favorite things to do with the business, so I’ve kept onto that task! 🙂 No matter who you connect with at Whistler Fitness Vacations, we guarantee that you’ll always be taken care of with understanding, honesty and respect.

Closer to home, we hire up to 10 fitness guides each April in Whistler. The selection process is highly competitive, with physical testing and great conversational skills top of the requirements. We’re frequently told by guests that the ‘high quality of smart, capable and fun fitness guides’ were a highlight of their stay!

5/ Dedicated Coaches To Guide You

In Whistler, you won’t be randomly choosing fitness classes that you feel like doing that day – and you won’t be on your own trying to figure everything out.

There’s no pre-written schedule that you need to follow because hey, when you’re a beginner, who knows how your body is going to respond to each workout – right?

As the fitness director of your experience, either myself (or assigned trainer) will coordinate your upcoming workout with your personal fitness guide. This guide has no more than 4 people in her group, because it’s grouped so that everyone is at similar pace. This means you’ll never be too fast or too slow, challenging you all the way to push further with inspired action.

6/ World-Class Mountain Town

Whistler is a world-class mountain resort, famous for its community of extraordinary humans and breathtaking scenery.

Simply put, there’s no comparison between joining an outdoor weight loss retreat in one of North America’s top 10 luxury resorts…. and joining a similar program in Nowhereville, USA.

Plus, we think it’s pretty special that we’re able to maintain such consistently high standards of kindness, adventure, weight loss results and integrity between both guests and our team combined.

7/ Your Investment Is Safe

We’ve always backed Whistler Fitness Vacations with the best cancellation policy that we could possibly squeeze out of both our lodging partners and our own business needs. With an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau since 2001, over 17 years of trust means you can guarantee that your investment is safe with us.  

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