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Cat Smiley’s Free 3-Part Video Training Series

Welcome to Jump School, Cat Smiley’s weight loss academy for beginner exercisers.

This is the curriculum that we use at Whistler Fitness Vacations, and one-to-one coaching packages.

In this training, you’ll learn valuable tools to start feeling happier and healthier – today! Starting point information, that you need the most.

By signing up for this powerful sampler of J-School, you’re previewing the award winning blueprint thats exclusively designed for women of beginner fitness level, with 30 pounds or more to lose.

You’ll also get access to exclusive content, significantly reduced pricing on select products and packages – plus some special updates from Cat that she just doesn’t share anywhere else! Yet beyond these benefits, you’ll begin to find peace with food and exercise, while getting under the hood in a way that gets results.

Video Training #1:

10-Step Road Map To Living Binge-Free

 Video Training #2:

Why Big Hearted Women (Like You) Are Destined To Succeed In Their Fitness

 Video Training #3:

The Exact Framework I Use (To Set My Clients Up For Success)

Cat Smiley Fitness Trainer WFV

Here’s what you’ll learn in this

Free 3-Part Fitness Training Series

  • A simple roadmap to help you try zero-waste, one portion cooking that is without gluten, wheat, soy, meat or dairy.
  • How to overcome the fear and doubt that keeps most beginner exercisers stuck.
  • The exact framework Cat uses at WFV to set her body transformation clients up for success.
  • What you need to prioritize to find focus, reduce overwhelm and take consistent action.

We asked our guests - why did you join?

Inner Circle Access

Because of the personal nature and value of these emails, Cat likes to know who is receiving them. She’s quite a private person and has chosen email as a way to keep in touch with folks interested and supportive of her training methods. Her focus is on helping one woman at a time to live her best life.

For this reason, everyone on our list needs to be active in their subscription. We don’t want to be unwanted in your inbox, nor do we want to give unnecessary money to mailchimp for subscribers who’ve moved on.

So we’ll reach out to you either by phone or personal email at some point in the first few weeks of you joining us, to learn more about where your interest with us is, and make sure you’re in the right place. If we don’t hear back from you after a few try’s, we might stop sending you emails but if you want to signup again should this happen, you’ll always be welcome.

P.S. Feeling social? Follow Cat here…say hello!

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Start now with this easy (and free!) fitness training series. Jump School is the doable, results-focused program of Whistler Fitness Vacations, available as one-to-one coaching at home, and also of course in Whistler at our retreat. You’ll learn the exact steps that Cat uses to set our guests up for success, and receive the 2019 catalog right away in the first email.

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