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Whistler Fitness Vacations get lots of great questions. So this year, we gathered all the best ones (from 10 years of weight loss retreats) and written a beautiful 110-page catalog with extra information that isn’t on this site.

Simply sign up for our 3-part video training with Cat Smiley, and you’ll get it faster than you can make a green smoothie.

Prefer to have it emailed directly to you? No problem, shoot us a message here. Once you have it, below are the page numbers for the answers to last years’ top questions.

  1. How do you define ‘beginner fitness level’? (Page 36)
  2. What are the requirements to join your weight loss resort? (Page 36)
  3. How can I be sure that your program will work? (Page 70)
  4. How do I continue at home? (Page 28/60)
  5. What happens when it rains? (Page 46)
  6. What are your base fitness requirements to join? (Page 36)
  7. What fitness classes do you offer? (Page 30 and also here)
  8. What about binge and out-of-control eating? (Page 69)
  9. Do you cater to customized and specialized diets? (Page 66 & here)
  10. How does it work for vegetarians, celiac, diabetic, kosher & halal diets? (Page 67)
  11. When are the best months to visit your weight loss spa? (Page 30)

Dive Deeper

Once you’ve read through our catalog, you’ll likely have logistical questions that’ll help you decide if our spa retreat vacation is right for you. Or perhaps you’ve just signed up for Whistler Fitness Vacations, and want to start preparing for your stay. Fabulous!

The next step is to hop over to Amazon and purchase our print catalog (the Kindle edition is the same as the free ebook that you can download above).

This includes a few extra chapters of required information for your stay, plus the print out of the catalog that we email. You’ll get one week of detailed preparation plan – steered for those who are not quite under 25 minutes yet in their fastest mile time. Also meals, grocery list and adaptable fitness schedule that is similar to what we do at Whistler. It’s also got the suggested gear guide and all the good-to-know terms of booking.

Sample FAQ From The Print Book

One of the greatest benefits of our weight loss spa is that we are exclusively for beginners. We have designed the schedule and workouts very carefully so that your safety is guarded. As long as you meet our base fitness requirements, then yes, workouts will be at your pace.

Multi-week stays do not need to check out or change rooms. Most of our fitness retreat guests stay for several weeks.

Yes! We are indeed. Cats and other pets, unfortunately not.

Yes, absolutely! It’s great to have your kids and spouse… bestie…anyone you like can join you at no cost because it’s your private guest room.

Whistler Fitness Vacations is not a medical facility and does not have medical staff. All guests must carry insurance to go to the doctor, should they become injured or ill. See terms and conditions for more information (on the booking page).

Yes, however usually with reduced staffing and changed activity options. This is balanced out by the increased value that our fitness retreat guests may receive from smaller groups (more personalization) as we have reduced lodging inventory available to us. Whistler is in very high demand as a tourist resort, especially over holidays. Early registration is strongly recommended.

During scheduled hours, it’s required that guests refrain from cell phones and headphone usage. You’ll have the opportunity to use the cell phone at lunch, and use headphones on certain indoor cardio assignments. This is to keep the social vibe of the program, comply with our insurance policy (in regards to wildlife), enable your coach or guide to communicate with you, and help you stay present with your workouts.

No, you won’t have any issues with the altitude here. Altitude sickness can be felt at altitudes higher than 1 mile high 5,280 feet – but is most commonly a problem at altitudes over 8,000 feet.

Whistler Village (Valley) Elevation: 675 m (2214 feet)
Whistler Mountain – Summit Elevation: 2,184 meters (7,165 feet)

In summer months (July and August) we’re on alpine one to two days a week. Spring/Fall activities are mostly in the valley.

Although we have enabled all countries to use our signup form, occasionally some countries do not work due to WooCommerce updates or situations outside our control. We know that Saudi Arabia, some African countries, Dubai and the U.K. are presently unavailable. Please select your country first then follow the steps. If your transaction still does not work, wire transfer payment will be required. You might need to call your bank to arrange credit increase or to pay by wire.

If the amount exceeds your card’s limit, you are most welcome to sign up for our minimum program (one-week studio) and pay the remaining by wire or authorize us in an email to charge remaining balance at a later date. Please email us for details of this, and let us know how we can help.

The amount to pay is the amount showing on your package selected. Note, for wire transfers, it is important that you email team@whistlerfitnessvacations.com a copy of your payment receipt. We are unable to reserve your stay until full payment is posted into our account, therefore, please consider this when making travel arrangements. Stays will be confirmed within three business days of receiving your payment of the program.

No, our health vacations don’t provide support during dinner times. Guests have the option to cook together and The Planet Friendly Diet has simple directions. We have many first-time cooks who love how easy our plan is to follow. Staff is happy to go over the recipes with you at the end of the day, to help you feel more confident.

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