Cat Smiley

Cat Smiley, Fitness Retreat Owner & Professional Coach

Cat Smiley is a multi-faceted coach and entrepreneur, originally from New Zealand. She specializes in body transformation for women who are outside of healthy weight range, bringing them back to balance. She’s the owner of Whistler Fitness Vacations and founder of Jump School. Cat is a certified Master Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Life Coach and Executive Business Coach.  

Cat is short for Catherine. Originally from the U.K., her last name traces back to King Billy’s personal clown… or something like that. 

She’s been working in body transformations since 2001. It usually takes 7 months to lose 100lbs with her. She has a special technique.

Cat holds her Masters in Fitness Science. The International Sports Science Association (ISSA) named her Canada’s top trainer THREE times.

She was a professional skier for 12 years, retiring in 2010. She skied in several world cups, and won a medal at the X-Games.

Her first company was The Original Boot Camp. She was listed in the top 10 boot camp instructors worldwide by IDEA Health & Fitness Association.

She divides her time between Vancouver Island and Whistler, juggling long distance with her man during the WFV season.

Together they have two beautiful puppies; Paco and Bear! They’re 2, and full of energy. Bear often joins Cat at work in Whistler.

Traveling is her passion. She’s lived, visited or worked in over 40 countries – recently hiking to Everest Base Camp with her parents!

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Cat’s expertise has been featured in many popular media outlets over the years. Writers can text her on 604-906-1034 for anything they need to support their articles on weight loss retreats, beginner exercising, healthier living, motivational tactics, getting started on your weight loss camp, safe programming for the obese population, what it’s like to live in Whistler…or just to introduce themselves for future collaboration. That number is her dedicated line for messages and goes straight through to voicemail. She’ll get back to you at ninja speed.

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