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Ready To Focus FULL TIME On Losing Weight?

We’re so excited to share our latest launch – Jump School, Beginner Fitness Academy. This is the course curriculum of Whistler Fitness Vacations, now available as home coaching. Both options require 10-20 hours per week dedicated to working through the program:

The first One-To-One Private Executive Coaching program starts June 23, and runs for 8 weeks.

Registrations close June 4th, 2019. Click here to sign up. 

Cat Smiley Fitness Trainer WFV

What is it? Do I have to join the weight loss retreat? 

No, you don’t have to join us in Whistler – Jump School is an immersive incubator for women who want to follow the same weight loss retreat program as our guests in Whistler, from anywhere in the world. Participants take part in the intensive coaching element, except receive more one-to-one than guests in Whistler, as WFV is a group program and Jump School – Private Coaching has a one-to-one element.

Whether you’re joining our weight loss camp in person or wanting to follow it with one-to-one customization at home, Jump School will support you with the insightful lessons and discoveries needed to lose weight, get fit, and make this a permanent way of life.

What You'll Walk Away With

Click here to find out what the Jump School – Private Training includes as part of your one-to-one coaching package. You can check the food plan here, and the workout overview here. It’s also helpful to watch videos from people who have done the program before, to find out what to expect – in their words!

  • Zero waste one-portion cooking challenge: 21 day meal plan, gluten, wheat, dairy, soy and meat free that includes 2 smoothies and one delicious meal. It’s 1200 calories per day, costs less than $5 per meal to make (with simple ingredients that everyone can find at their grocery store), and is adaptable to suit vegetarians. You’ll learn to menu plan with your own tastes and preferences.
  • Zero gym, beginner activity plan; 28 day fitness programming with three different levels of beginner to match your starting point safely and confidently. Activities may include swimming pool, walking, biking, stretching, strength training and suggestions of things you can do either alone, in a fitness class or with the support of a personal trainer.
  • Daily life coaching questions to empower and inspire, including worksheets, tough questions and tasks that will help you nourish your self-care rituals, feel reconnected to your goals, and replenish everything that once mattered to you.
  • Comprehensive nutrition science course and learning (including action steps, ingredients, menus). Information on how you can customize this to your own preferences and lifestyle.

*Note: if you are thinking about joining Jump School, sign up Cat’s 3-Part Video Training Series first. You get to sample lots of the program and her coaching style, which will help you figure out if it’s a good fit for you.  

Happy Customers Share Their Stories

Your LAST Shape Up Plan

If you’re serious about really pushing your body transformation to the peak of where it can go within the medical boundaries* of safety, Jump School is for you.*We say ‘within the medical boundaries’ because 1200 calories is pretty darn low unless extremely carefully and knowledgeably designed, and exercising pretty much all day takes seriously a master trainer to configure. Cat is that master trainer. You can check her credentials here. She’s also a certified sports nutritionist and the food plan has been approved by both doctors and dieticians. It’s suitable for diabetics and those who’ve had gastric bypass or weight loss surgery.

Think of our program as ‘getting in shape one last time’. Jump School will not only slim you down to healthy weight, it’ll get you through the awkward beginner stages of exercising that feel uncomfortable and often boring. Together, it’ll walk with you towards moving into intermediate workout programming, which frankly is a heck of a lot more fun, and more social for most folks.

What You’ll Achieve

Beyond dramatic weight loss and increased fitness, you’ll peel back the layers of various dialogues in your head that may be holding you back. You’ll gain confidence and clarity (well before the end of the 8 weeks) to put together your own food, fitness and lifestyle plan. You’ll also know exactly how to progress your workouts safely and effectively, plus meet wonderful women like you also doing the program.

With clearly defined and achievable targets that meet you at your level, the combination of support and work book makes it easy to take things one day at a time, and SMASH your goals!

Complete with lessons, worksheets and easy-to-digest information, Jump School Beginner Fitness Academy is truly the blue print behind Cat’s unique coaching system. You’ll become educated, inspired and motivated to get into the best shape of your life – and most importantly – maintain it.

Cat Smiley Fitness Trainer WFV
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2 Days of healthy dinners

Sign up to join Cat Smiley’s free 3-part video training series for beginner exercisers, and get started on trying out the program.

The 100 Day Weight Loss Retreat Challenge

Jump School is a 100-days of programming that evolves with you until you’re at clearly defined targets:

  • Healthy weight range, with a waist that is 32 to 35 inches
  • Healthy cardiovascular fitness, able to complete a mile in under 13 minutes, but ideally down to under 10 minutes.

The One-To-One Coaching Package runs in 8-week blocks and includes daily accountability, weekly phone calls and group guidance with Cat Smiley. Everyone starts and finishes at the same time, with our pilot program beginning June 23, 2019. Click here to sign up. 

Alumni of Jump School have opportunity to retain Cat for a monthly fee, based on 10 months commitment. This is limited to 16 customers per year and will be starting after the first 8 week home coaching program.

Each level can be repeated as many times as needed, as you slim down towards optimal body weight and achieve new heights in your athletic ability you’ll be able to track your progress with an immaculate organization.

Not only is it incredibly empowering to see how far you have come, but the easy formula of data collection each day makes coaching you to greater success straight forward.

Our intention is to have every guest in session leave us feeling empowered to be their own guru.

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